Mutual Funds

All Cap Fund Fact Sheet


Wellington Shields All‐Cap Mutual Fund (WSCMX)

Wellington Shields All Cap Mutual Fund (WSCMX) has an objective of capital appreciation. The managers use a G.A.A.R.P philosophy to invest in high quality companies with above market growth potential.

Earnings Growth

WSCMX owns a portfolio that in aggregate has an outlook for above market earnings growth.

Capitalization Focus

The Fund invests across the capitalization spectrum but owns a core portfolio of large and mid‐cap names representing over 80% of the portfolio. The balance of the portfolio may be invested in smaller capitalization names offering the prospect of exceptional growth.

Dividend and Cash Generation

While WSCMX does not have a current income objective, it targets businesses that produce free cash flow, giving flexibility to return cash to shareholders in the form of dividends and buybacks or to reinvest in their business. As a result not all holdings pay a dividend.

Sector Diversification

Sectors and industries come into and out of favor in an unpredictable manner. Therefore we maintain exposure to quality companies in all major sectors of the S&P 500, targeting sector weights of no more than double, and no less than half of the major sectors of the S&P 500.

Risk Control

WSCMX targets initial positions weightings of approximately 3.3%. If a position decreases 15% in value from its original cost, it is reviewed by the investment committee. If a position appreciates to 7.5% of the portfolio, the investment committee evaluates taking profits.

The Fund may hold up to 20% of its assets in cash.